Sciadi Abdalla 


Sciadi Abdalla has been living in Florida for four years, where he operates as CEO of the service provider Florida Home Investing, Inc.

He started off as a real-estate investor, on the strength of expertise previously acquired in Italy as a real-estate consultant and property administrator. He has accumulated extensive experience in restructuring and in the coordination of on-site construction teams.

Licensed in Real Estate (Realtor), with a specialty in foreclosure auctions, home rehabilitation and resale in the Pinellas County area, Mr. Abdalla has successfully tackled numerous tax-related, legal and financial aspects associated with investing in real estate abroad.



Monica Kreutzer 


Monica Kreutzer has extensive experience in the field of interior design, and is a specialist in landscape architecture. 

Ms. Kreutzer has a BS in Forestry Science and an MS degree in Botanic Gardens and Parks Management, both awarded at Università degli Studi La Tuscia, Viterbo, Italy. She has considerable experience in construction processes and in overseeing restructuring operations in estates of her own property. Since 2010, she has lived between Rome and Tampa Bay.