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Based in St. Petersburg, Florida, our company has been offering its services in an ethical, legal, and professional manner for years. It all started when our founders, from abroad, started investing their own capital directly in the real estate market in Florida. This experience later inspired the establishment of a subcontracting and consultancy company.


We offer all the necessary services to operate immediately on the Florida real estate market, ensuring the safety, legality and profitability of our clients’ investment. Our professional and advisory services are tailored to our clients’ specific requirements, objectives and interests. 

We provide highly professional consultancy on every type of real estate, estimates of profitability and indications of the most suitable exit strategies for the most profitable resale. We examine the property’s location, potential gains, and conditions, and provide a comparative cost analysis. Through close collaboration with local professionals, lawyers, accountants, notary offices, real estate brokers, construction companies, property managers, we are able to negotiate the best prices for the services rendered to our clients. We provide specialised professional consultants who operate with foreigner clients in respect of the laws of the U.S., of Florida, and of their country of origin.

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